MS-13 News (Local)

A look inside the world of MS-13 gangs here in Northern Virginia

With a string of recent murder charges in Texas, New York and Virginia, a gang known as MS-13 appears to be surging again. First reported decades ago in Los Angeles, the gang now has as many as 10,000 members in at least 42 states, according to the FBI. Tony Dokoupil reports.

Four charged in gang related murder in Manassas, Virginia


In the U.S., the MS-13 has an especially heavy presence in Los Angeles County and the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California; the Washington, D.C.


other gangs local to northern virginia

Pagan's Motorcycle Club, or simply The Pagans, is an outlaw, one-percenter motorcycle club and an alleged organized crime syndicate formed by Lou Dobkin in 1959 in Prince George's County, Maryland, United States.[1][2] The club rapidly expanded and by 1965, the Pagans, originally clad in blue denim jackets and riding Triumphs, began to evolve along the lines of the stereotypical one percenter motorcycle club.[1] The Pagans are categorized as an outlaw motorcycle gang by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

28 Bloods Arrested in Washington, D.C.

The violent 18th Street gang recently targeted the Wellington neighborhood in Manassas with gang graffiti, and alert citizens rapidly provided information to the Manassas City Police Department that allowed them to arrest two suspects. The key to combating gang violence is alert citizens working with local law enforcement that help nip these problems in the bud, before a neighborhood gets overrun with transnational gangs.

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