You can make a difference in more ways than just fundraising. Check out volunteer opportunities and other ways to get involved below. If you're looking to make a tax-deductible donation you can visit our donate page.


GIVE testimonials

Look through someone else's eyes and the world is a different place.

Your life experience just might save a life. Think about that; whose story do kids today need to hear? Yours? Maybe someone in the community that you know? 

Testimonials are an important way to help others understand that they aren't alone. They're a big part of learning someone's Why. 

If you, or someone you know, has been impacted by the issues that we address, and are willing to share your story, please contact us and let's chat.


host an event

Host a community event; it can be at your church, school, HOA, or any social group. It can be an educational event for your community, hosting a walk, etc.

Interested in fundraising for a school or event? If you have a concession stand this a great way for you as the host to fundraise. 

(Have vendors start at least an hour prior to the presentation. Students can receive community service hours this way as well.)


items needed

Right now we're in need of space to hold community meetings to reach larger groups of people. If you're willing to donate your space to us please let us know!

Stay tuned to this spot for updates when / if we are in need of additional items or resources. We'll also make sure to post this information on social media, so if you're not connected with us yet there, make sure to do so!


volunteer your skills

Are you passionate about social media? Do you enjoy coordinating and hosting events? Are you a tattoo artist that wants to give back to the local community by hosting a fundraiser? Are you a local doctor or dentist willing to give pro-bono services to survivors of domestic abuse and human trafficking? Do you have a church program that provides for those in need? 

There are so many ways to use your talents, skills, and connections to make a difference. Right now as we're growing as an organization we're looking to compile a list of potential volunteers and available services vs. having a volunteer listing as some larger non-profits do. If you'd like to make a difference and spread the word about the work we're doing, please contact us, we'd love to hear from you.