Chrissy fauls, Founder

Why Incorporated was started when Chrissy was was trying to educate herself, and her children, on the dangers that existed. Sure, she could have told them about her experience growing up; what she did and didn't do, (which is what most of us would do to help our children.) but these days are much different than what most of us born 20th Century grew up in. Today we face the power of the internet, which is something our parents never had to worry about. 

After following a few educational information nights put on by her local police department, Chrissy reached out to learn more about their programs and neighboring programs through the FBI, DEA, Homeland Security, ICAC, and many more that were on the front lines of the topics she was looking to educate herself and her children on. She discovered that all of these organizations had a desire to educate the public, but needed to be invited in order to do so. Chrissy stepped up and made herself the one that goes out and encourages the community to host these discussions.

In addition to running Why Incorporated, Chrissy also owns her own safety and first aid training business On The Scene Training, and stays busy in her free time with her family and friends.

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"Don't Do Drugs." Why? Let's show them why.

"Be careful on the internet." Why? Let's show them why.

When kids are young and learn how to talk they ask why all the time; as parents we tend to give them the quickest answer available and then the question "Why?" becomes something they don't ask us as much, or at all anymore. As parents and caregivers we tend to just tell kids what to do, or try to make them aware of issues without educating them on it. My goal is to change that.

-Chrissy fauls

Board of directors


Carolyn Hartman - chair


casey plott - secretary


Jennifer byrd - treasurer